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Date: 2018-02-19 14:38

Well, I didn 8767 t grow up in the truth. I grew up in a neighborhood that was surrounded by good christian heroine dealers. You want to talk about beatings. Ask my best friend. Oh wait he 8767 s dead. His father beat them so bad, that both his,sisters are full blown alcoholics, he committed suicide and is brother is homeless. Maybe you can ask the girl who I hung around with that lived across the street from me. Oh wait. She 8767 s dead. Her entire family was molested by thier good protestant father. The son snapped one day and killed the family. Maybe my father. Oh wait, he 8767 s dead. The 8776 victim 8776 of being and alcohol and smoking 8 packs a,day. Lost everything at 55. Maybe you can asked the two girls I was friends with when I was 9. 8 houses down. Oh wait, their good Christian father molested them for years and they turned into addicts.
Then maybe my good friend that lived across the street from me. The one that had five siblings. His father was a alcoholic and beat the crap out of them to, never mind the filth they lived in. Then again, I was a good christian *censored*. I only beat up people when they hit me 6st. I only had sex with the best looking girls. The others meant nothing to me or my friends. Speaking of my friends. I 8767 d have you talk to one of them, but, because if his good christian upbringing, he was killed by the cops. My best friend is actually doing fairly good now. After spending 65 years in jail for dealing drugs and being a leg breaker (which is the truth). yea, all the good christian families I was fortunate to know. I won 8767 t even mention my uncle. ( just that he was one if the top guys in the mafia) Or my sister who was a coke head by 68 ( good looking girls get the guys with money). She had dinner with the goddi family. You may know them. Very good christian family. Unfortunately, I became a,witness and left all my good christian friends. Stopped using girls for sex, beating up people, drinking 9 nights a week. I 8767 m sure you would have loved my neighborhood. Especially my parties that went on till 8 or 9 , Did you miss out on my good christian upbringing. Then again, if you wete ugly. I would have probably not said the nicest things to you. Same with the guys on here. I wouldn 8767 t bother talking to someone who disagreed with me. I 8767 d just make sure they never talked back to me again That was me. What I told just told you doesn 8767 t even begin to tell you what I went through. I don 8767 t whine, complain ,or tell anyone what I went through. I was a product of this system. At least I am now appreciate of life. That why I get aggravated when I hear people complain, when I 8767 ve been through more than 95% of the people out there. That 8767 s a fact!

Echoes of the 1930s as Governing Body asks Jehovah's

However, I would like to add that those in the JW cult/borg/religion also are known for another thing. They use their religion and doctrines as an excuse to repeatedly harass those in their organization, especially when it comes to what 8775 the slave class 8776 chooses for the congregations as group study material, such as book study (ies) and also, when it comes to their insistent demands to invite your uninterested and non-believing relatives to talks that you give at the KH. I know because I was a victim of this myself. I remember when I gave my first talk at the KH, the elder that I was studying with heavily insisted that I invite my mother, but I repeatedly told him that my mother wasn 8767 t interested and that I wasn 8767 t going to waste my time nor energy on her, but he accused me of thinking and being negative in this regard, but despite my pleading of my case to him, he went over my head and invited my mother against my wishes and without regard for what I tried to plead with him. Though she attended, she still didn 8767 t show any interest in becoming one of them. Apparently, there 8767 s no such thing as thinking realistically in the JW cult/borg/religion as to them, there is only positive and negative thinking and no such thing as realistic thinking. Also, I remember during my involvement that they were studying a particular book that 8775 the slave class 8776 chose and I felt that this wasn 8767 t right for me due to it 8767 s subject matter and it was the book 8775 Making Your Family Life Happy 8776 . I felt that since I didn 8767 t have any *censored*ren and wasn 8767 t married, it wasn 8767 t right in my case, but they repeatedly harassed me about it and never let up on the repeated harassment no matter how much I pleaded y case to my last study conductor as he was the one who carried out the orders of the elder leading the study to continue the repeated harassment. He simply let my pleading go in one ear and out the other, even going to the point of saying that 8775 nobody can represent God 8767 s true Christian organization and not agree with a study pick by 8766 the slave class 8767 because that is like sitting at both the table of God and the table of the demons and no Christian can do that. 8776 I gave in as I saw that I wasn 8767 t getting anywhere, though I still had hurt feelings because of all that, but that was actually the start of my brief two year involvement winding down as over time, I also became the victim of repeated lies and false accusations by a few young ladies who made up false stories about me and though I repeatedly defended my innocence to the elders, they simply took the word of the lying young ladies over mine, which really hurt me deeply. After a loud, bitter and drag out argument that I had with my last study conductor, which forced me to angrily leave his place, I dropped out in 6999, and since then, I haven 8767 t looked back, though I almost rejoined in 7557, but the Dateline NBC expose of their hiding and protecting of *censored*philes made me change my mind about doing so. I jumped on their bandwagon when I was a young man of 77, but dropped out two years later at the age of 79. Thank goodness I am no longer ensnared by their man-made doctrines and misleading interpretations of the sacred book, the Holy Bible.

Jehovah's Witnesses to make $1b from sale of New York

Hello Messenger and Ricardo 🙂 I have just gone into the website and changed the configuration so that the 8766 Contact 8767 tab appears in the navigation bar. Hopefully that will make things easier. I 8767 m no website expert that 8767 s for sure. I was just so keen to share good news with others that I learnt how to use a website building program. When I first left, I went looking on the internet for others who still had a love for God and his son and respect for the bible after leaving. When I couldn 8767 t find a website focusing on good news rather than just on the filth of the organisation (and oh how much filth there is to find!) I wondered whether there were others like me hoping to connect with like-minded ones who, whilst thoroughly disgusted with the lies and hypocrisy of the organisation, could see that such acts and deception had NOTHING to do with the true God and were intent on finding the real truth. I thought, 8775 Well, maybe I can put something up there as a way to encourage these ones. 8776 I am happy to say that through the website, we have met a lovely family in the US who are completely in sync with us. What a joy! And . I 8766 met 8767 you too Ricardo. You made me laugh when you told me that my website was too happy and joyful. What a funny thing to say. 🙂 I still smile about that remark but . I am learning to understand that everyone 8767 s journey is different. It takes a long time to recover from the awful truth that what we thought was truth was, in fact, the opposite. What a shock! What a blow! But oh how humbling it is. It really is humbling. I pioneered for almost 75 years and helped 75 people to baptism and now I shudder to think about this and I have prayed and cried for forgiveness for my role in bringing people into a lie, not truth. I was an expert in quoting bible verses. People at the doors would always say, 8775 Wow! You really know your bible, 8776 but . sadly .. I knew verses of the bible rather than chapters and books and so many of those verses are not valid when read in context. The real truth is so simple and beautiful in contrast to the complicated doctrines I became an expert in explaining. I really hope that I can spend the rest of my life helping to share the real good news to the few that Jesus said would respond. I now know not to expect many to listen or even be interested. Jesus said that few would find the narrow road to life. I don 8767 t have to carry the burden anymore of 8766 bloodguilt 8767 that was heaped upon us in the organisation. I know that Jesus is in control of matters and can read hearts. He will help each and every one who is sincere to find that road. What a relief! I am not responsible for the lives of everyone I meet. I can however share my joy with others and help if I can. I really relate to Jesus 8767 words in MATT 66:78 85 in a way I never understood previous to leaving, 8775 Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart and you will find refreshment for your soul. For my yoke is kindly and my load is light. 8776 What a joy! (I hope that I 8767 m not too joyful in this post Ricardo. Hahahaha!)

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